Former U.S. Congressman Tim Penny, on our nation’s financial crisis, and political courage.

Tim Penny shares the 3 things he would do if he had a “magic wand” and could make changes to our political system. (1:53)

Penny talks about the super committees failure, and I ask him about political courage (or the lack of it) and today’s congress. This is the full, uncut interview. (26:08)

About Tim Penny:

Tim Penny was Southern Minnesota’s U.S. Congressman from 1983-1995. (District 1)
Penny is President of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, and also a
co-chair of the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform – a group of some of the top federal government budget experts on the planet, including former heads of the General Accounting Office, and the Congressional Budget Office, as well as former legislators, and more. One of their goals is budget reform to improve our country’s financial future.


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