Episode 4: Former Governor Arne Carlson on Minnesota government, the shutdown, poor leadership, what to focus on, and much more.

The interview is 31 minutes. But if you want to see a specific answer…you can just cue up to the times listed below.

:54 Carlson says the economy is not the only thing that got our state into this mess; it was also our political leaders.

3:17 He says budget gimmickry has been going on in Minnesota budgets for several years.

3:43 He says tax rates are not the only thing important to businesses.

5:17 On the prospect of cutting MinnesotaCare.

8:14 The opportunity inside the crisis.

10:31 An opportunity for independent-minded legislators.

11:37 Legislators are not solving this problem once and for all; it isn’t going away.

13:05 Carlson on how the Third Way Budget Committee’s plan has been received.

15:25 He says the GOP’s proposal contains significant tax increases.

16:40 He outlines the qualifications of the people on the Third Way Budget Committee.

17:40 On how the 3rd Way budget group process has gone.

18:18 Carlson reacts to criticism from republicans. Has he changed, or has the Minnesota Republican Party changed?

20:25 What Carlson says we should NOT do. (RE: stem cell research)

22:15 Carlson looks back on Minnesota’s rich history, and makes a mention of the special Mayo Clinic and other Minnesota accomplishments.

24:50 On why compromise is essential in politics.

25:40 On the job the Minnesota media have done in recent years.

27:27 On what having a weakened media (due to cutbacks) does to politicians accountability.

28:05 Some in the media knew this budget gimmickry was going on, a long time ago.

29:20 Carlson on when it could end (this interview took place hours before deal was made).


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